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Terms and Conditions

This Website and the Services provided by Thrive, its employees, volunteers, agents and interns are governed by these Terms and Conditions.

When you (“a User”) access this website, send an e-mail with a request for help/advice or avail of any other service from Thrive you automatically accept the Regulations. You have read and accepted the Regulations and you understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Each person who wishes to use Thrive services has to register in with our online booking system The Thrive Appointment system is available on“the website”) and it is run by ThriveNI, a Community Interest Company Reg No NI605989

Thrive practitioners provide face to face and online mental health support either in a designated office or via online, and designated Skype address available on the website.

Personal clients’ details are used only for the purpose of setting up an appointment with a practitioner and are not available to third parties except in some specific and limited circumstances described further in our Confidentiality Policy.

By sending an e-mail with a request for help/advice, the person automatically gives permission to Thrive to cite described problems and situations in any on-line or published educational materials. Clients’ personal details always remain anonymous.

The correspondence between any clients and mental health professionals cannot be published without the written consent of Thrive who in turn will not publish such correspondence without the express consent of you the client.



The staff at Thrive are committed to providing a confidential service to all those who are seeking mental health or life coaching support. Confidentiality is between the individual and the organisation and between the individual and the practitioner.

This means that:

  1. Information will be treated in the utmost confidence and will not be divulged to anyone outside the organisation except where extenuating circumstances exist (see below). However, in order that we can provide the best possible help to our clients it may be necessary to share information with a supervisor or line manager at Thrive.
  2. No conversation about a client will take place with anyone who does not work for the service.
  3. No personal information about a client will be given to any third party even if the person is a member of their family except in the limited circumstances described below.
  4. We reserve the right to treat clients who are over the age of 16 without the need for a parental or guardian consent form but mental health professionals will always encourage those individuals who are under 18 to discuss the issue with their parents. (NB. See exceptions below).

In certain circumstances Thrive reserves the right to break confidentiality should this be deemed necessary. These circumstances include:

  • If you the client are under 18 and you disclose information that may indicate risk to children or yourself..
  • If you give information which indicates that a crime has been committed.
  • If you give information which indicates a possible terrorist threat.
  • In circumstances where Thrive is requested to provide information about you by the PSNI or any other government or judicial body pursuant to a lawful order of a court or under such other legislative or statutory powers as may be applicable to the body.

Where a client discloses that they are suicidal and have a plan in place we will encourage them to get help and support from the appropriate authority, this is often their General Practitioner. If appropriate, clients will be directed towards the Lifeline service.   If a decision has to be taken to break confidentiality, it will be done only after consultation with a Supervisor or member of the Management team. Thrive practitioners will keep careful notes of any incidents and all action taken will be recorded.

  1. Client Records
    – Any written client records will be kept securely.
    – Any names, addresses and phone numbers will be kept securely.
    – Any record sheets will be destroyed after 7 years.
    – You, as a client, or previous client of Thrive, may ask to see any written records about yourself that we hold.
  2. – If a letter or online message is received which gives thanks or encouragement then it may be kept provided that permission is sought from the writer. (See below)
    – If a letter or online message is received which we would like to use in publicity, we will seek the permission of the writer to ensure that they are happy for us to do this.
    – Information about a client will never be used for publicity purposes unless consent has been obtained (see above).
  3. Data Analysis
    – Data will be collected to assist in planning statistical analysis, marketing and/or supervision.
    –Making the Confidentiality Policy known
    – Thrive practitioners and staff are given a copy of all policies when they join Thrive
    – We take all reasonable steps to ensure that our staff are trained and able to give information about the Confidentiality Statement if asked.
  4. Any information regarding clients will be encrypted if sent electronically.
  5. No identifying information about clients eg name will ever be kept with session notes




The time allocated to you for person to person sessions is reserved especially for you. Being on time for your session is greatly appreciated, as we don’t have a dedicated waiting area. Your session will last for 50minutes/1 hour, if you are late for your session the practitioner will deduct he time from that allocated.


Thrive reserves the right to modify or cancel any session if unforeseen circumstances arise. If we cancel we shall inform you as soon as possible.


  1. Without prejudice to the following terms, Thrive will provide a full refund for any individual bookings which are cancelled within the first 7 seven days after the making of that booking where the session date has not already passed. This does not apply in case of bookings made by corporate clients for group sessions or training.
  2. If you wish to cancel or reschedule a booking please note the following cancellation conditions will apply where you are seeking to cancel a session after the 7 day cooling-off period referred to above:
    (i) less than 24 hours prior to the session – £25 administration fee;
    (iii) failure to show for a session- the full cost of a session will be charged.

If you have booked a workshop or training, Thrive requires 14 days notice (in case of corporate group bookings) or 24 hours notice (in the case of individual user bookings) for cancellation in order for you to receive a full refund.


Please remember that you can cancel or reschedule your session by logging onto and choosing appointment section. Alternatively, cancellations can be made by calling us (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or by emailing during office hours to –




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