Psychological therapy for employees

Workplace Counselling may be defined as the provision of brief psychological therapy for employees of an organisation, which is paid for by the employer. Also referred to as an Employee Assistance Programme, Workplace Counselling is an investment in an organisation’s workforce which has been shown to be a positive, valued service to employees.

Counselling within the workplace can be very effective in improving the health and wellbeing of its employees by providing a confidential social support for coping with work and personal pressures, resulting in better performance and less working days lost to illness. Used as a developmental tool, it can bring new potential to the fore, enhancing multiple aspects of quality of life and work.

Common issues that Workplace Counselling can address

  • Workplace and personal stress
  • Depression
  • Performance issues
  • Bullying
  • Anger management
  • Bereavement
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement planning

THRIVE has experienced, professionally trained counsellors

We will provide a bespoke workplace counselling service tailored to the specific needs of an organisation and its employees, helping to provide support for its workforce through a flexible, responsive approach that is commissioned on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The process begins with an initial assessment, which takes place in the privacy of the THRIVE offices. This assessment is key to the next steps since it will determine the appropriateness and level of counselling support. While most often short-term support is sufficient, occasionally longer term employee counselling support is needed; therefore, the suggested number of sessions will be reviewed on a regular basis.

THRIVE Employee Assistance Programme

Staff can be suffering with stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement or a range of challenges, either work related or in their personal lives. Providing access to a confidential support benefits both the employee and employer.

What is EAP?

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential service, providing counselling and support to you and your staff, delivered by our highly trained counsellors. Our EAP is a powerful management tool, which can give your organisation a competitive advantage. It can also help your organisation reduce absenteeism, save costs and help you retain your staff.

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Life coaching

A unique and innovative offering of Thrive’s EAP is Life Coaching. Life Coaching offers an alternative to in-person counselling for individuals whose concerns and goals may be well suited, or even better suited, for the coaching process than for in-person counselling. Examples of issues Thrive’s Life Coaches have assisted with include, but are not limited to, improving work habits, wellness issues, spending habits, strengthening parenting skills, time management, improving work/life balance, stress management and multiple personal growth issues. Members work with a trained Life Coach either face to face, via telephone and Skype to set goals and work toward achieving these goals to make the desired changes in their lives.

Return to Work Coaching

An innovative programme which involves coaches working with the employee who has been absent from work for a length of time due to sickness or maternity, engaging with them using a co-active approach to determine options, planning a clear and confident route back to work.

We ask questions to facilitate thinking and use tailored tools and techniques to help employees make future focused decisions.

The content is tailored to meet individual needs and we will work with the employee to clarify the best options and taking into account their circumstances. A typical programme might include:

  • Understanding motivations to work
  • Developing a clear view of an individual’s strengths and skills
  • Clarifying interests, assessing values and priorities
  • Look at work-home balance preferences
  • Part-time/flexible working if relevant
  • Co-actively create a return to work plan with specific goals and timescales

Advantages for Employers

  • Retaining valuable talent
  • Better performance sooner, employees more focused, confident and engaged therefore better prepared to add value and perform well
  • Previous evaluations under the programme outline how employees feel empowered, less stressed and more valued by their employers